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Hermine Update: Help Still Needed

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How do you start over when you’re 70-years-old, your spouse has cancer and a hurricane just sent five feet of saltwater through your home? “I’ve lost everything I own,” one parishioner told Leon Holden, pastor of First Baptist Church of … Continued

Amendment 4 Makes Solar Cheaper

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Amendment 4 just might be the easiest issue for Floridians to digest during this entire state and national election season. If approved, the bi-partisan amendment will lower the cost of solar by reducing taxes.  It was passed unanimously by both … Continued

Sunken Boat Raises Legal Issues

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Jacksonville, FL —    Two winters ago, a battered-looking boat showed up in the Ortega River just east of the Highway 17 Bridge.  Its wooden hull appeared worn through in places.  Rotted wood on the cabin had been patched with plywood … Continued

The Proof is in the Produce; How a Community Effort Nourishes a Neighborhood.

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  Mike Cox is one of those people with the gift of making others happy. His smile invites smiles. He loves Jesus and hymn singing. He’s a Florida farm boy, born and bred, and a pretty terrific spinner of tales. … Continued

Scientists: Seismic Testing Could Be the End of Right Whales

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Jacksonville, FL — Has marine life been washing up dead onshore on the Gulf Coast? That’s the question then-councilman Robin Lumb asked an oil industry consultant at the Jacksonville City Council meeting last June when a resolution to ban seismic … Continued

Editorial: Spring Has Sprung, Y’all

Spring in Florida is one of my favorite times of year.  Azaleas begin to pop in town and country alike, followed by violets, dogwood, jessamine, and a long list of others. The gray-brown and faded green of a Florida winter … Continued

Obama Reverses: No Drilling Off Florida East Coast

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The Obama administration reversed course and announced yesterday there won’t be any oil rigs off the Southeast Atlantic coast for at least five years, thanks to protests in states ranging from Virginia to Florida. Objections to offshore drilling by the … Continued

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