37 Editorials: No on Solar Amendment 1

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At least 37 newspaper editorials from across Florida oppose Amendment 1, with words like “misleading,” “scam,” “fiction” and “sham.”  Two said the language never should have been allowed on the ballot, up for vote on Tuesday, November 8, or in … Continued

Amendment 4 Makes Solar Cheaper

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Amendment 4 just might be the easiest issue for Floridians to digest during this entire state and national election season. If approved, the bi-partisan amendment will lower the cost of solar by reducing taxes.  It was passed unanimously by both … Continued

Editorial: Spring Has Sprung, Y’all

Spring in Florida is one of my favorite times of year.  Azaleas begin to pop in town and country alike, followed by violets, dogwood, jessamine, and a long list of others. The gray-brown and faded green of a Florida winter … Continued

Obama Reverses: No Drilling Off Florida East Coast

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The Obama administration reversed course and announced yesterday there won’t be any oil rigs off the Southeast Atlantic coast for at least five years, thanks to protests in states ranging from Virginia to Florida. Objections to offshore drilling by the … Continued

Is Jax the 10th Worst City for Drinking Water?

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Jacksonville, FL — An internet article listing Jacksonville’s drinking water the 10th worst in the U. S. got another round of sharing and gasping on social media recently, even though the article is five years old and based on questionable data. … Continued

Manatees No Longer Endangered, Feds Say

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When Quint White came to Jacksonville University to teach marine biology nearly three decades ago, he was certain he manatees were on their way to extinction. Now, thanks to federal protection, the population is up by 500%.  This has prompted … Continued

Jax Finally Gets its Voice Heard Over Orlando Water Plan

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Palatka, FL – Jacksonville finally made its voice heard on Tuesday to those in charge of doling out water to fast-growing Central Florida, after three years of trying to be included in a regional plan that could affect the St. … Continued

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